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Play Therapy

A child’s natural language is play. Play Therapy gives a child the opportunity to express themselves through the toys provided; for example using puppets, clay, art, sand or through role play. These are all provided in a play room where the child can choose what they want to play with.

Play therapy is a specialised 1-1 therapy and is child led. This can empower children and help them gain control over their world. Our qualified certified play therapists will reflect, support and acknowledge the child to provide a space where they are heard, not judged; where it is ok to feel, to express anger, sadness and happiness.

Generally children are aged between 3 and 14 years old. Play Therapy can benefit many children for example those with low self-esteem, high anxiety, attachment disorder, speech, language and development delays, parental separation, neglect, bereavement and children who have suffered from emotional, physical and sexual abuse to name just a few.

We initially contract with clients for up to 16 sessions and ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of this service. Sessions are for 50 minutes and are weekly. They are available for children who are experiencing difficulties and challenges they are struggling to cope with. Referrals to this service can be made by parents, carers, health professionals or other external agencies.

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